Aramith Tournament TV Set

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Aramith Tournament TV PRO-CUP Pool Ball Set 2 1/4"

  • Includes a red dot cue ball and TV-colours
  • Made with exclusive Duramith Technology that enhances longevity of the balls
  • Made of high quality phenolic resin to ensure quality
  • Exacting standards ensure perfect roundness and balance 
  • Scratch and impact resistant 
  • Smooth surface reduces cloth wear  
  • Used in television events from around the world
  • An Aramith Tournament TV Pro-Cup Billiard Ball Set is used in television events from around the world including trick shot events and men’s and women’s professional tournaments. Made in Belgium by the world’s leading ball manufacturer, these balls are manufactured to precise specifications to ensure that you can play your best. Each 2 1/4", 6-ounce ball is precisely calibrated for maximum consistency. Made with the best phenolic resin available, which is designed in their own labs, the balls have exceptional scratch and impact resistance. Each ball has an extra durable smooth surface that minimizes table cloth wear and extends ball longevity. You always get professional quality specifications with Aramith Pro Series balls…consistent density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, and weight. Use the balls that professionals prefer…use Aramith!


Duramith™ : a new benchmark in quality and longevity

With the Duramith Technology, the Aramith resins entered their 4th generation. With a totally overhauled resin formulation with new hi-tech reticulation, cross-linking and curing technologies, the Aramith products now set a new benchmark in quality, durability & longevity, increasing their service life up to 50% during which : 

  • their through-hardened vitrified surface and core holds their glossy look
  • their specifications, rebound and playing consistency throughout the set is maintained all along the cloth wear and white marks that so easily ruin the look of the table are minimized
  • their friction resistance minimizes burn spots as well.