Cuetec Avid Chroma Hydra Blue Cue




  • Avid 11.75mm or 12.75mm Low-Deflection Shaft
  • Super Straight Taper
  • Tiger® Everest Laminated Tip
  • Kiln dried vacuum-sealed Canadian Maple
  • Hydra Metallic Paint
  • Ghosted Cuetec Logos
  • Duo® Smart Extension Ready Bumper (DUO® Smart Extension Sold Separately)
  • Acueweight generation II adjustment system
  • CT logo joint protectors
  • Cuetec Cleansing Wipes (5X)


Shaft: Avid Low-Deflection Shaft
Standard Shaft Length: 29”
Standard Tip: Tiger® Everest Laminated (Medium)
Joint: 3/8x14 Cuetec Joint (21.30mm)
Shaft Collar: 1.5mm Black Phenolic

Standard Shaft Weight: 3.8oz
Standard Weight: 19oz (Adjustable with Acueweight Kit sold separately) Adjustable in 0.25 oz. increments from 18-21oz


  • Dripping with High-performance technology, AVID Chroma series cues are over-saturated with features competitors demand. Featuring a AVID glass-bonded low-deflection shafts, kiln dried vacuum sealed maple butts incased within Cuetec’s proprietary two-part resin coating, Duo smart extension ready bumper, and the second generation Acueweight system, make Chroma the undisputed performance and value champion.