Cuetec Cynergy 11.8mm Carbon Shaft - 3/8x14 (20.00mm Legacy)




  • Ultra-strong advanced carbon fiber composite construction

  • Super-Slim 9.6 inch elongated pro taper

  • Flyweight front-end construction

  • Effortless low-friction and ding-resistant surface finish
  • Thin white 0.25” inch sighting ferrule

  • High-Performance Tiger® Sniper Tip

  • Cynergy Cleansing Wipes (10X)

  • Embroidered Cynergy Pro Patch
  • Steel shaft collar


Shaft: Cynergy 11.8mm Carbon Fiber Composite Shaft

Standard Shaft Length: 29”

Standard Tip: Tiger® Sniper Laminated (soft)

Joint: 3/8 X 14

Joint Face: 20.00mm (for Legacy Cuetec SST cues)

Shaft Collar: Black Phenolic

Standard Weight: 3.8oz


  • The Cuetec Cynergy 11.8 Carbon Fiber Composite Shaft provides pinpoint tip placement paired with exceptional accuracy and out-of-thisworld spin. Designed and developed with the input of the Cuetec Pro Team, each Cynergy 11.8 is wrapped with a unique pattern of spun 15K carbon fiber tow, reinforced by Cuetec’s proprietary poly-foam core. Every 11.8 utilizes an elongated 9.6 inch super-straight taper for a perfectly level stroke, an ultra-thin white sighting ferrule, and laminated Tiger® Sniper tip to create a shaft that is packed with the benefits of carbon fiber performance without sacrificing the feel and feedback of traditional wooden shafts.